We focus on independent, small growers and winemakers to ensure the best quality and value for our customers.

You won’t find mass produced, supermarket wines at Meridians. We work primarily with the smaller distributors in Maine who maintain tight portfolios of wine from the best importers. As small business owners, we try to support grassroots businesses up and down the supply chain. As farmers, we support, as much as possible, growers and winemakers who use organic and biodynamic practices.

The majority of the wine on our shelves is produced by independent (not corporately owned) wineries who use more ecologically sensitive farming and harvesting practices, and who engage in much less intervention (mechanized harvest, heavy oaking, sulfur and other chemical treatments) in the winemaking process.

We have a focus on and passion for natural wine. 

Natural wine broadly signifies wine made with almost no intervention at all and entirely native yeast fermentation, to produce wines that are unimpeded expressions of terroir.

Meridians offers a selection that ranges from a “quick picks” shelf of bottles that are $12 and under, all the way up to wines intended for special occasions, gifts, or long-term cellaring. We also offer a discount of 10% on wine purchases of six bottles or more. We arrange bulk wine orders for weddings, parties, and other events, and in some cases we can special order small quantities of wine we do not have on the shelf.

Please see the links below to some of our favorite importers to get a feel for our wine selection:


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