We’ve got the freshest IPAs,
the biggest stouts, and funkiest sours and wilds around.

We have a wide selection of craft beers that range from old and new world classics to emerging and cutting-edge brews from Maine and abroad. While some of the shelves are devoted to year-round staples, much of our selection rotates with seasonality and availability.

You’ll find the best Maine beer available in Meridians. We drive down to Portland to pick up the best new brews with no distribution in our area (think Oxbow, Liquid Riot, etc) to bring those Portland goodies up our way.

When it comes to beer, we don’t discriminate,
and love all styles of ales and lagers.

As well as having a strong Maine focus, we also bring in a lot of the best import beer that comes into the state from the likes of B United, Shelton Brothers, and Twelve Percent Imports.

We’re always open to suggestions and we can special order for you, so please drop by or call with any questions. We also sell kegs of both craft and macro/domestic beer when times call for beer by the gallon.