151 Main Street
Fairfield, Maine

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Meridians is a fun, friendly neighborhood shop, and we carry a wide variety of wine and beer that matches your budget. We (David, Nate, and Josh) opened Meridians in 2014 with the intention of providing central Maine with fine wine, beer, and foods that deliver not only fantastic tastes and experiences, but also stories about land, people, and places. Through tastings, events, research, and dialogue with our customers, we’ve pushed the envelope for what a wine shop in central Maine can become. The shop is primarily staffed by the three of us, so when you come in you’ll almost always work with one of the owners, and we’re always happy to chat and help you select what you need.

We’re proud to say that a large portion of our wine is farmed and produced with biodynamic, organic, or at least sustainable methods. As farmers ourselves, we understand that organic, biodynamic, and natural wine production are important trends to support for the health of the environment and the health of the workers and producers of the wine (not to mention your own health!).

We support many family-owned breweries from right here in Maine, along with other domestic and import brewers that are experimenting with more sustainable brewing and bottling technologies, and more farm-to-bottle (or can) practices. We also carry groceries from local family farms producing everything from meat, cheese, and milk, to grains and rice. And we have the best imported cheese selection in Central Maine!


David is a rice farmer who lives in a formerly dilapidated house on the Kennebec river with his patient wife.

His passion for developing local economies and his faith in Fairfield lead him to pioneer the insane idea to open a fine wine and beer shop across from Sonny’s Pizza and Batey’s Appliance. He, along with farmer Ben Rooney, oversee Wild Folk Farm and the Maine Rice Project, an ecologically diverse farm located on a wet pile of clay in Benton. He can often be found in the shop barefoot and sometimes limping and/or hobbling from foot injuries sustained while barefoot.

Josh is a Masshole who came to Maine to live in a hut in the winter some years ago.

He has slaved away, or worked, for local farms during the growing season for the past few years. He now operates his own snow farm in Smithfield with his wife, daughter, and his neighbor’s cat, Gus. Outside the shop, he can be found teaching English and yelling at students part time at Thomas College. He was inspired to start Meridians when David got him drunk and tricked him a few years back. For an English teacher, he doesn't speak terribly well, so if you’re served by sometime incomprehensible at Meridians, it may be Josh.


  • CUSTOM CASES: We also put together cases on request; simply call ahead and tell us what you enjoy and give us a price range, and we can put together half or full cases with relatively short notice.

  • BULK DISCOUNTS: Another incentive we offer our customers is a 10% discount off all wine purchases over six bottles, and we’re able to offer steeper discounts on substantial orders for parties, weddings, events, etc.

  • KEGS: You can also order kegs through us, and while we prefer to work with craft beer, we can also supply kegs or larger quantities of conventional domestic beer when the occasion calls for it.

  • TASTINGS: Our tastings are fun experiences that we host two to three times a month (see tastings page for more info). Another service we offer is private wine tastings, so please inquire if you’re interested.

  • EVENT PLATTERS: We can create delicious platters for catering events.